Man denies baby-sitterÔÇÖs pregnancy

Although he swears he has never touched her, Elisabeth Kali has told her family Asser Namunjebo is responsible for her four-month bulging stomach.
She claims he has been sneaking into her room at night even after discovering her pregnancy.
Speaking through an interpreter, Kali has told Metro she was brought to Otjiwarongo from Grootfontein to babysit a family friend, Natalia Shivute’s baby. Shivute happens to be Namunjebo’s aunt and they live together.
“He used to sneak into the room and beg me to have sex with him. At first, I refused but I softened up and then opened up to him when he started buying me gifts,” says Kali, who is of San origin.
Even though she knew he had a girlfriend, she says he bought her all the goodies, because “he loved me more than the other girl. I soon fell in love with him but I couldn’t share the news with anyone because he asked me not tell a soul about our secret relationship until he dumps that other girl. Unfortunately, I fell pregnant in the process.”
But when she broke the news to her lover, he walked out, denying all forms of responsibility.
“I tried to hide my pregnancy but Natalia noticed it and then forced me to tell her who is responsible.”
Natalia (28) has confirmed to Metro her knowledge of Kali’s pregnancy.
“I grew up with Kali in Grootfontein and now that she has fallen pregnant in my house, I feel responsible to find out who is responsible. When she told me, I spoke to my nephew but he denied ever sleeping with her. We will not stop until we find the truth,” Natalia Shivute vows.
The accused and purported father-to-be has, however, raised the stakes by accusing the mother-to-be of witchcraft.
“That girl is a witch, my friend. You must not listen to her. She wants to kill me. I have never had sex with her and I don’t even know how she looks like naked. I keep telling my aunt the same but no one seems to believe me,” says Namunjebo, who has a steady girlfriend he now risks losing if the nanny’s story adds up.
Metro will keep track of the pregnancy, until its paternity is established.