Mariental gets social security boost

In an effort to bringing service closer to the people, the Social Security Commission (SSC) Friday opened a new branch in the Hardap region capital, Mariental.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kenandei Tjivikua said the SSC embarked on a process of extension coverage.
“With this kind of branch the service is closer to the people. SSC has begun work on the introduction of the two outstanding statutory funds, namely the National Medical Benefit Fund (NMBF) and the National Pension Fund (NPF) as well as a range of new programme offerings focusing on prevention of occupational injuries as well as rehabilitation of victims of such injuries.
It is therefore a great delight for me to celebrate the inauguration of the SSC office in Mariental, a milestone in the commission’s efforts of extending social security to a broader spectrum of the Namibian population” he said.
Barakias Namwandi, Regional Councillor of Mariental Urban Constituency, said the opening of the Mariental office is an indication that SSC is moving towards achieving the Vision 2030 and all other Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s) earmarked for developing the social upliftment of the citizens.
“The opening of this satellite office in Mariental will mean a lot as many inhabitants of this region will no more need to travel long distances to Keetmanshoop or to Windhoek to acquire their Social Security Services,” said Namwandi.
He also said the building of the Mariental branch is in line with the policies of decentralisation or bringing services closer to the people, implemented by the ruling party.
Since the temporary opening of the Mariental office in August this year, the office has served more than 2 200 clients to date collecting just over N$200 000. The number of clients visiting the office on a monthly basis ranges between 120 and 190, while over 150 Good Standing Certificates were issued.
More than 350 claims were processed which resulted in more than N$22 000 benefit payments been made to the beneficiaries.