Ready to rock communication at Vivo Energy

Excited about the new venture at hand, Raubenheimer Abigail who has taken over the new corporate communication manager’s position at Vivo Energy Namibia is ready to rock the boat.
Although she acknowledges it will be challenging, Abigail notes it is always interesting and empowering to embrace a new venture and industry that allows one to top up their knowledge and horizons.
Vivo Energy Namibia supplies many of the country’s major mines with its products and has a large number of retail outlets in strategic areas across the country.
Having always loved the communication sector since finishing high school in Walvis Bay in 2003, Abigail  continued to tertiary education at the University of Cape Town where she majored in English, as well as media and writing to graduate in 2006. This year, she has obtained her honours in communication, specialising in telecommunications and information policy from the University of South Africa (Unisa).
Her career in the communication industry started at the Namibia Press Agency (Nampa) where she worked for two years. She soon decided to broaden her horizons and branch into the corporate communication and public relations arm of her field.
“The corporate communications field is in a great space at the moment, because more and more companies are realising the value it contributes to business wellbeing,” she says.
One of the greatest challenges she has faced, thus far, is having to work with individuals who were not as committed at a project, as she was. She, however, learnt once you are totally committed, it will eventually become infectious to your surroundings.
“The most important lesson I have learnt in my career is to treat everyone with respect. Regardless of their positions, I treat each person with the same amount of respect. It has gone a long way in establishing great working relationships with my colleagues.”