You want alterations? Be one

Following the internal elections in past months and the recent one in which freedom fighter, Hidipo Hamutenya, won his political opposition party’s presidential seat, it is mind-boggling how some Namibians are negative about opposition parties. Some have been calling these leaders and their followers pathetic while others have even gone to the extent of throwing vulgar statements at them.
This has nothing to do with ethnicity or patriotism. These are political affiliation attacks among our own people. So far, we have three candidates who will compete in the presidential elections come 2014; Dr Hage Geingob from the ruling party, Swapo, McHenry Venaani of DTA and the newly re-elected intrepid, Hidipo Hamutenya of RDP.
Leaders are just leaders whether they’re from the current leadership or the opposition. Their leadership efforts are determined by the majority casted votes and the public trust. These three candidates can rule this country regardless of which political party any is from. We all do not want an unethical leadership that is riddled with ongoing corruption, prejudices, selfishness and poor management of resources.
Yes, we have our own opinions that stir passion in each one of us. We can argue, disagree and in most cases, point out what is erroneous or accurate in the leadership that rule our country but attacking each other and at leaders will not take us forward. It will only disunite us, as a nation.  
In most cases, our Founding Father Dr Sam Nujoma never concludes his public speeches without saying, “A united nation striving to achieve common good for all members in the society will always emerge victorious.” Let’s put activism to good use. Let’s make it a weapon to engage ourselves to promote social justice, mend our injustices and tackle them in a manner that we all are comfortable with, to bring crucial changes into our communities.
All our Government leaders have the time and opportunity to make changes by reading the obvious clues that call for reforms in the country. Currently, there are more orphans in this country. There are families that cannot find employment, not to mention children who take care of themselves and their younger siblings. If these children were given grants, would it be perceived as creating a dependency? I doubt that. It would instead create a support system to build a better foundation and a better life for these children.
And that should be Namibia’s overall goal. The same goes for bringing alterations to the shortcomings in our country. Let’s not only worship and praise leaders in power. We need to see all of them in new light. They should all have the capability to execute their mandates, not waste time hailing insults at one other.
There’s a lot citizens can do to build bridges or bring balance to this very unequal society. We should think about what we can do to encourage more participation in social concerns, so there’s greater balance and involvement. Civic-minded citizens should volunteer to help organisations make a difference to the big social issues facing this country.
It helps when we have these understandings. This allows a government/country to build the best foundation for itself, its children and then ensure they all live in harmony and leave behind the legacy of its leaders. By creating social solidarity, we would address the imbalances of our beloved country. These ongoing mini attacks might look small now but can eventually become dangerous, especially when we are about to vote again.
Good governance has been a key concept for democratic development in all countries around the world during the past few decades and we cannot ruin this now. Chaotic it is in our governing systems that from our Defence to Health ministries, issues can be resolved but only from a united front.
Fools may invariably opt to insult their political opponents, or leaders in power but let’s not forget, that is a sign of political insecurity and cowardice. Let’s not continue bragging about human rights and freedom of expression only to use both inappropriately. Human rights activists are people who are committed to resolving social challenges of the society, despite what they are interested in, for the sake of nation building.
Let’s get involved with what matters most to our country. Either we succeed as a united nation, or all die divided.