CEO borrows from disabled to impress chick

National Disability Council of Namibia CEO, Martin Limbo, who is currently on suspension for insubordination and bullying, is accused of borrowing money from members of the disability council to impress his able-bodied girlfriend.
According to Charlie Roster, who is disabled, he has suffered lies and fake promises from Limbo after lending him money he was meant to pay back.
“I’m just one of the disabled people he has borrowed money from. He takes money from disabled people and takes forever to pay back while sometimes he doesn’t pay back at all,” said Roster.
Early last year, Roster lent Limbo N$1 000 in cash, which the borrower promised to pay back within a week. However, it took him almost a year to do so.
“After refunding me the money sometime this year, he asked me for N$500 to fuel his car on 27th August this year. Since he said he was desperate and needed the money urgently, I sent him N$600 via e-wallet . He promised to pay it back in a few days but hasn’t done so, to date,” added Roster.
“He is very difficult to get hold of, as he ignores my calls and does not reply my messages. Whenever I manage to get hold of him, he always has long stories about why he hasn’t repaid me and then sets a new date for the refund and the cycle goes on.”
Last week, Limbo lied to Roster he was in the bank and about to send the money. So Roster stayed by his cell phone, waiting for a bank notification that never was.
“Later that day, I found out he had given the money he was supposed to send me to a girl, to impress her. The girl told me about it all and when I tried to call him, he switched off his phone,” fumed Roster, adding, “Now everyone is telling me that is what he does, as I have just found out other disabled people are still waiting for their money from him too. They say he takes advantage of disabled people because he knows it won’t be easy for them to get hold of him.”
Limbo has confirmed owing Roster but has stated he has been unable to pay his lender because he has been traveling a lot lately.
“I will pay him back, today, because I have just arrived back to Windhoek. I was indeed in the bank last week but it was too full, yet I had to travel elsewhere, again. It is a small issue, he ‘s my cousin and we will sort it out now. As a matter of fact, I just called him before you called,” said Limbo.