Raising a psychopath vs. a champ

I have always believed psychopaths are bred at home, because the kind of conditions children grow up in determine whether or not they turn into adults who sniff under-aged girls’ underwear or those who cut frogs open for fun.
How hard you spank your child; whether or not you provide meals; how strict you are to your kids; if you pee on your children’s souls by discouraging their passions, etc, might or might not play well for you, as a parent, eventually.
No, I am not a mother and although I have never given birth to a child, I have a lot of motherhood experience from raising children, because I have four younger siblings. To some extent, I would say a child’s upbringing plays a huge role on how they turn out in life - will they end up as killers, robbers, douche bags, normal or boring people?
Some parents go to extremes, especially when it comes to discipline. I mean, most life experiences are scary enough, you would want the easy way out. But in China, parents can legally sue their kids for not paying them enough visits. Can you imagine being taken to court by your mother for not visiting her as much as she wants?
Fair enough? Sure, but then again, Chinese middle-class parents do not accept anything below an ‘A’ grade from their school-going kids. Most Chinese middle-class kids are not allowed to do anything recreational, like being in a school play or band and the only musical instruments they’re allowed to play are the piano and violin. And that’s why a Chinese ten-year-old can repair your cracked plasma TV screen, effortlessly.
An American man once asked his daughter to engage in a sword fight with him as a punishment for wrong doing while in South Korea, a couple let their baby starve to death while they left the house everyday to raise a virtual baby at an internet cafe.
I know of parents, here in Namibia, who would threaten to lock their children out of the house at night if they do not behave accordingly.
 I think sometimes adults forget they are dealing with developing minds. My mother once locked me out for throwing a shoe at my little sister but I deserved that one, because I was such a douche to my siblings.
It, however, did not change a thing because when I got older, I almost killed two of my siblings by accident. I do not want to drift, though, because it is simple for me.
 Dear parents, you do not have to scare your child into thinking you will disappear on them if they do not act as you wish. They are children who need guidance, attention and love; that is all.
If you do not watch how you step on your child, you might as well give them a manual on how to ruin their lives. Now wipe the bags off your child’s eyes!