Mafikizolo: When time stood still

From beautiful vocals, great choreography, a live band, funky hair and sassy outfits, Mafikizolo came, saw, and conquered.
The South African outfit brought Windhoek and time  to a stand-still as the Unam pavilion bowed down to ‘Ndihamba nawe’ ‘Udakwa jalo’, ‘Emlamjeni and their renowned self-titled hit anthem ‘Mafikizolo’.
It was a night not to be missed as Nhlanhla Nciza and Theo Kgosinkwe exhibited what they are made of. To spice it up, the duo even did some ‘Jike’, Mi Casa’s hit single.
By the time Uhuru joined them on stage for their latest offering ‘Khona’, the gods of music had spoken already.
Sadly, supporting act included Ru, failed to get her groove on, but Dixon lived up to his award winning profile with a strong performance while Exit and Sally, had the audience calling for more with electric performances.

..but Mi Casa storms Katutura

Mi Casa had the ladies enchanted with its sensual moves and sexy voices.
Warm house beats peppered with Jazz trumpet and a fresh twist of soul, from the South African trio echoed across Katutura’s Independence Arena on Friday night .
Simply the hottest band to emerge from South Africa in 2012, Mi Casa can simply return to Namibia tomorrow and have the same crowd, if not more.
There is an African saying that when 2 or 3 people with good intentions in their heart come together, to work together, that magic happens. In the African music scene, Mi Casa music won the hearts of Katutura with their unique sound of music. The group which consists of Dr. Duda (Producer, DJ & Pianist), Jsomething (Vocalist and Singer), and Mo-T (Trumpeter) are pretty much 1 of the most talked about house groups in Africa. After performing at Barack Obama’s inauguration to playing in Katutura, the boys have a way of living memories wherever they go.
With three DJs from South Africa and Gazza all clearing the road for the trio’s grand performance, Friday night was sure to be turned up-side-down.
Gazza did not disappoint.  His 45-minute act was polished and cut-throat. From ‘Pas op’, ‘Tufike apa’, ‘Shukusha’, ‘Gazzat’, ‘Katweni omnona’ and with his utmost best, ‘Piki Piki’, GMP godfather showed he can compete any level.
But it was the South African who owned the night. Mi Casa performed ‘Turn you on’, ‘Africa Shine ft Black Coffee’, ‘Your Body’, ‘Voce’ and the list went on.
With the song ‘Adorn’ by Miguel, Mi Casa gave their edited version and had the ladies echoing along with hopeful voices desiring a night alone with any of the boys.
One would think the night was just starting when they sand ‘Jika’, and that’s what happens when things are good, time flies.

as Diop steals Ongoro Nomundu’s night

At Zoo Park, it needed Diop to leave a mark for the Oviritje revellers that gathered on Friday night.
Mbaza Kokure stood out as the glamorous artist got the crowd on its feet.
The ‘Bala-Bala’ hitmaker staged a two men show, that was far superior to CD launchers and organisers, Ongoro Nomundu who lacked the killer instinct mixing their old tracks and the new album.
The Dogg was also part of the line-up with a normal three song appearance, from ‘Pakamish’ to ‘This is us’.  
Also having a good night was Gobabis outfit, One Blood whose reincarnation of Oviritje seems to get the crowd warmed up.
One Blood performed the crowd pulling, ‘Jennifer’, a remix and tribute to Okazera’s top hits and its queen Jennifer Meroro who has since relocated to Canada.

Omaruru Oasis Festival rocked

Elsewhere in Omaruru, magician John Isaack left the Oasis Festival in awe with his high-profile feats of endurance, thanks to some street wise deceptions.
Little known Chariza performed with live band and proved that hers is a name to mark for the future. If it wasn’t for the long list of performers for the night, Chariza could have rocked the night away with all those energies inside the dances.
This year’s Oasis Fest  was a success with hundreds in attendance before Okakarara oviritje outfit Wild Dogs stole the night, with a performance never to forget.
From ‘Ethinga’ to ‘Ombara Otjitori’, Wild Dogs proved they are not forgotten yet and brought with a new bag of ovirijte dancing moves that few Windhoekers would love to see.
Former Gal Level member Frieda performed solo while Maszanga did not disappoint with their yester-year hits.The Dogg was also on the list and gave the performance of the night from a little after midnight until 3am.