N$7500 scholarship for young Namibians

Financial support is being offered to young Namibian students seeking education, personal development and advance training.
This initiative was created by Nam Career Service, under the Welwitschia organisation, which is being headed by former weltwärts volunteers who lived and worked in Namibia for one year. Students had applied from all the over the country and are currently awaiting assessment.
The organisation aims to create a solution for students who finish school but don’t know what to do thereafter or those who want to get apprenticeship. They also aim to improve the educational situation in Namibia and to better the partnership between Namibia and Germany from which the founders originate.
“We would like to offer young, motivated Namibians the chance of getting a proper education despite their social and financial circumstances. However, we would also like to concentrate on personal development,” says the chairman of the organisation, Carsten Rietmann, adding, “We aspire to extend the scholarship-holders’ education until they find themselves in employment through our initiative.”
Nam Career Services was launched on September 9th of this year after the founders discovered there is no platform in Namibia where Namibians can find collected information about what to do after school. The aim was to close that gap with its Career Service.
They also publish offers, tips and articles on a Facebook page as an intentionally chosen medium since most of the young Namibians are in possession of a web-compatible cell phone and have Facebook accounts.
“Although we are a young organisation, we are very optimistic we have found a great tool that will definitely impact the lives of many young Namibians both now and in the future and so far, the feedback has been remarkable,” Carsten Rietmann concludes.