Late Outapi CEO honoured with treatment plant

The Outapi Town Council, in partnership with CUVE Waters, will officially open the Oswin Namakalu Waste Water Treatment Plant this Friday in the town.

The plant is expected to improve sanitary conditions in the informal settlements surrounding Outapi. The project will thus offer community showers and toilet facilities that will supply used water to a treatment plant, which will then be retreated to be used in the community garden.

Developed by German, Technical University of Damsted and funded by the German government, the project has a waste water retreatment plan, a community wash house, 15 showers with 14 toilets and 30 cluster units connected to 60 houses with a two-hectare community garden.

These will benefit the informal settlements such as Onhimbu, Okaye – Kongwe, shack dwellers federations and Tobias Hainyeko. This project has been a source of income for 20 Namibians since its inception last July.