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Gal LevelÔÇÖs Frieda finds God

Mon, 28 October 2013 03:26
by Charmaine Ngatjiheue

Known for her skimpy outfits and raunchy dance routines, turns out former Gal Level member, Frieda, has returned to her roots –Christianity.
Frieda Haindaka is now fully committed to the cross and is actively involved with Greater Love Ministries otherwise known as Jesus Centre, the same church where D-Naff finds solace.
The ‘Shake-it’ hit maker says she has always been religious since her early days with her grandparents.
Now sporting designer suits, decent outfits, and a bible, Frieda has also given up her artist-associated-ego to become one of the church’s ushers, welcoming visitors and making them feel at home.
 “People judge born-again Christians because they think we are superhuman. The reason why I chose to be born-again is because I’m imperfect,” says Frieda, adding, born-again Christians are hugely stereotyped.
 “We are not expected to wear short skirts or do certain things. But the society needs to understand being born-again does not mean I should box myself into what it dictates I should. Rather, it’s a constant walk-and-talk relationship with God.”
She justifies her dance moves as having to do with the fact that she is true to herself.
“I’m always me and I always try to be the best I can be. I don’t want to pretend, because I allow God into my life to change me as I grow.”
She admits a lot of times, during her time with Gal Level, she was expected to compromise her faith for entertainment purposes.
 “The world expects us to compromise our values, as entertainers but that should not alter one’s long-term vision; to stick to God. Everyone believes in something. I believe in my God.”
Her music has a lot of meaning now, she maintains, because she is older and wiser compared to her time with Gal Level when everything was entertainment-driven.
“Back in the day, I used to write songs without meaning but now it’s easily relatable. I write with a conviction, knowing I’m glorifying my God,” says Frieda.
Frieda is, however, coy about releasing a gospel album.
Having won every award in Namibia and Africa that they contested in, with her partner Daphne, She does not mince words about a Gal Level reunion.
“No, there will be no reunion. I am fully focused on a solo career at the moment and I would be lying if I said I’ll release a gospel album. I have recorded about two or three gospel songs with D-Naff and the album I’m working on has two gospel tracks,” says the singer.
Though she has no beef with her former record label, Ogopa Butterfly Entertainment, Frieda who is now signed under Antonio’s Deal Done Records says she has not spoken to Ogopa’s boss, Sula Kyababa, in a long time.