Policeman demands sex at gunpoint

Monica Uushona from Shandumbala, Windhoek, got it all wrong when she thought dating a policeman would mean security in her love life.
Just two days into their relationship, Constable Augustinus Lyandjenja of the Namibia Police (Nampol) began accusing Uushona of sleeping with Government ministers and top businessmen.
“He took my phone on the second day and smashed it against the wall, saying I had got it from the men I sleep with. I was surprised when he slapped me after I turned down one of the cell phones he wanted me to have, because my cousin had already agreed to give me his,” said a traumatised Uushona.
She couldn’t bring herself to accept an expensive cell phone from a guy she had just dated for two days.
“When he saw me with my cousin’s phone, he got angry and asked which minister had bought it for me. He slapped me on the face and then I stormed out of his place but he called me later to apologise.”
Uushona, now realising the monster she had just started dating, began ignoring the calls of Lyanjenja. Little did she know she was actually enraging the trained officer.
“He called me a prostitute and said I got my degree from sleeping with lecturers. I decided to end it with him and told him to leave me alone.” Uushona related.
But Lyanjenja was not done with his new beauty. He would go to her house and try to convince her legs open and apologised again; this time, blaming his action on ‘ancestral demons’.
“He said things would not be the same if I took him back. I agreed and we were happy that day,” she narrated.
In trying to make up, the couple decided to spend the night together and all was well until the officer, who had been told to keep his ‘jack’ at ease for that night, decided to cook another story for Uushona to allow him in.
He woke her up around 3am and said he had just seen Uushona with another man in his dream.
“He demanded to know the man’s name. I was so shocked and confused. He then threatened to strangle me to death and I remember his words very well, ‘You will use your last breath to tell me the name of your lover’. He began slapping me and pushing me until around 5am. I had nowhere to go as it was dark but as soon as I saw light outside, I grabbed the key and ran out of his place,” a tearful Uushona told Metro.
It’s true when they say love is blind.
Uushona of all people would buy into Lyanjenja’s phone call the next day, asking her to collect her lingerie from his place.
It could be that she feared being bewitched.
“When I got there, he grabbed me by the neck and broke off my nails. He hit me and then threw me to the ground before kicking me. He kicked me while on the ground, yelling that if I broke up with him, he would first kill my daughter in front of me, kill me slowly and then kill himself,” related a very shaken Uushona.
She managed to get away but he followed her to her place, threatening to kill her, this time, with a gun.
“He then demanded to have sex with me at gunpoint. I refused and he said he would make fake charges against me. My sister rescued me after which I opened a case against him the next day and he was arrested.”
Lyanjenja’s side of the story could not be obtained as he is detained in police cells at Hosea Kutako.
“He is a policeman; we cannot keep him here because there might be prisoners he might have arrested previously who may harm him. It’s standard protocol,” Metro was told at the Central Police Station.