Cemeteries go digital

To keep up with the modern world, local cemetery documents and services will now be digital. Therefore, a tender for the procurement of cemetery software was issued and closed at the City of Windhoek (CoW)’s customer care centre on 4th October.
The key functions of the software include grave reservations/ maintenance; wall of remembrance niche and a memorial plaque. It will also offer services such as inventory of cemeteries - sections per cemetery and cause of death; recording burials - search functions for burials records, management of burial applications and in-site grave audit functions.
The software will further help do a Global Positioning System (GPS) co-ordinate for graves, cemeteries, as well as a Google Earth interface for grave locations.
More services include the remote online data capturing through mobile handheld clients via wireless internet amongst more services.
The closed tender received four offers from Synopsis Software, Marketing & Sales from South Africa, with bid of $235 000 (N$2 306 760), Sympology Technology Services with a $1.5m (N$14 724 000) bid and Green Enterprises Solutions.
The bidders had to offer various documents such as references from the South African municipalities and documentations including design documents, project plans, project initiation documents, as well as a proposals that provide for skills transfer for all services delivered in sufficient depth. This was to allow for proper maintenance and operation of the solutions deployed.
Bidders further had to prove their financial, technical and operational capabilities and expertise. The tender was issued for any prospecting tenderer to be included as a preferred supplier for the design, implementation, configuration, documentation and support services of the required software to the CoW.
CoW is yet to choose its preferred supplier on the basis of technical, operational and financial abilities, to fulfil the contract.