Twins assaulted for N$20

A Windhoek North resident, Absalom “Slim” Miike, landed in jail last Saturday after physically assaulting twin brothers, Owen and Doren Shibuko, for N$20 they owe him.
According to an eye witness, who has asked to remain anonymous, Miike had bumped into the twins at Tall Trees complex in Windhoek North. The pair seemed happy but were in a questionable state of sobriety, the witness says.
Miike politely asked the two for his money only for one of the Shibuko brothers to respond rudely in Afrikaans, saying; “Gaan vra jou zalie,” which loosely translates as, “Ask your mother.”
This angered Miike and an exchange of blows soon ensued. During the fight, one of the Shibuko brothers, Owen, ran home.
“He returned with a big table knife with which he tried to stab Miike who was quick to grab it from him. Unfortunately, it cut Doren’s finger in the process,” narrates the eye witness.
Police were called to the scene and Miike was arrested on the spot, because the knife had been found in his possession.
Miike insists he had no intentions of getting into a fight with the twins. “Those guys are my friends, that’s why I even asked for the money in a playful manner. How could we have fought over a mere N$20? I just did not like it when Owen told me to go and ask my mother.”
However, Miike is displeased with the arresting officers and questions his pick-up instead of the twins’.
“Why did the police arrest me? I did not come with a weapon, the only reason he got hurt was because I grabbed the knife from his brother and it unfortunately cut him when I swung in defence. I was locked up for about seven hours for defending myself,” he fusses, adding, he was later let go by the police without any charges.
Asked whether or not he still wants his money back, he says; “They can keep it. I do not need it. It’s not like N$20 will make me rich.”
V-Metro could not reach the twins for a comment before going to print.