Racial warfare invades Rocky Crest

A group of unruly colored men beat up an Oshiwambo-speaking taxi driver, Moses Joseph, in Rocky Crest last week following an argument over who was first in the queue at local bar.
An eye witness, who has only identified herself as Anna, says it all began as an argument between the taxi driver and a colored woman called Lauretta Beukes.
“I was with a group of friends across the street when they started quarreling over who was next in line at the bar by the playground. The woman wanted to be serviced first, for some reason, but the taxi driver said he had come first in line,” narrates Anna, adding, the two started to push each other after which Beukes slapped the taxi driver so hard on the face.
“She slapped him hard on the face and then shouted, ‘You black people do not have respect anymore!’ The taxi driver grabbed her by the neck and before the scuffle could be stopped, there were four other colored men pouncing on him,” relates Anna who also says Joseph, somehow, managed to break away from his assailants to get his friends for a new, bigger fight.
“Stones and bottles flew all over the street, followed by several racial insults from both sides for about ten minutes, before the police arrived at the scene,” says Anna.
“The colored woman’s husband shouted at the police, who were also black, saying black people will always cover up for each other; that’s why the black guy will not be arrested.”
Joseph sustained a few bruises and since no arrests were made or any charges laid, the police managed to separate the warring parties. As such, V-Metro was unable to contact Joseph or his assailants for any comment, as they were all one-stop customers at the bar.