And you thought Tafanji was all out?

Tell us something about you that your fans might not know about?
I am a very shy and reserved person, though many think I am all out there. (Chuckles)
Besides jingles, we hear you act too. Are you generally a creative person?
Yes, I consider myself a creative individual. There is an adage that says; “Creative people are unique and unique people are indispensible.” My creativity comes from within. I believe it’s a God-given talent. I love writing as well. I have a wild imagination and if I had the time, I would actually write a book. One day, I will take the chance to do an auto-tuned music album as well!
Who are your favourite local artists?
All local artists, according to me, are really good. That’s why I have created a show called the “Taffy Raw Top 20”, which showcases every genre of local music from upcoming to established artists. Catch it every Saturday between 18H00 and 20H00.
For just one hit song, what would your local musical dream-team be? And what would the song be about?
Already did that on ’Deception‘ with The Dogg. My part was just to uplift someone out there. “From the hour of breathing, the only thing I think about is succeeding, believing and intriguing the people that tried to put me down...”
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?
I could live anywhere, as long as there’s a radio station and a production studio. The world is what you make of it, I guess. However, Namibia is my second home!
Do you have any phobia?
 Heights!!! You should fly with me someday and have the laugh of your life!!!
Any odd job thus far?
Yeah, was once a clerk at an internet cafe. It was extremely boring. I considered it the worst, possibly because social media was non-existent then.
What books are you currently reading or have recently read?
’Father Heart of God‘ by Floyd McClung. It’s a pretty inspirational book.
If you could have a conversation with anyone, living or dead, who would they be and what questions would you ask them?
My old man. I would ask him many questions to understand the depth of quality of the greatness in him, as a man. He is a great inspiration in my life, actually.
What’s your favourite movie of all time? Why?
All Denzel Washington movies from the past, present and the future!!! He is a legendary actor who perfectly plays any role given to him. Watch ‘Flight’; it’s a good movie with a great message in which he acts!
 Have you ever had a crush on a local celeb?
Yes, Uejaa Kazondunge. Hopefully by 2030, she would have said yes to my proposal!
How long was your shortest relationship ever?
My shortest ever relationship was in high school; it only lasted a couple of hours. I was a prefect at a boarding school. We started dating in the morning and ended it by that afternoon, because I had punished her younger brother in the hostel.
What’s your view on a female initiating a relationship with a guy? Bold or desperate?
Kinda desperate!!!! Nature has since made it clear that men seek women, as long as they don’t play hard to get :-)
What’s the worst quality you have ever found in a woman?
Uncertainty. It shows instability on so many levels.
What’s the best quality you appreciate the most in women?
Respect and trust – Mrs Angela Katjimune (mentor) taught me this and really, it works well for everyone when a woman has those qualities.
What’s the dumbest thing you ever did as a kid?
I used to call the police on 911 and then hung up before speaking. Didn’t know they could trace calls. They called back one day and threatened to lock me up. Man, I almost pissed my pants. Told my parents about what I’d done, only to get the beating of my life!!!
Have you ever run out of things to say on air? How do you keep things fresh?
Nope. I love being on air too much to run out of things to say. To keep fresh, I always think out of the box by preparing for each show. It really helps, yet most presenters don’t do that.
How long do you think you could survive without electronic devises; cell phones, tabs, video games, laptops, TVs, etc?
Eish! That’s a tricky one. For a week, tops. I once managed to camp for a week without them but they weren’t as addictive as they are today. So I think I could still manage!!!
Describe your most awkward moment on air?
I was being interviewed for the ‘Personality of the Week’. It just didn’t feel right that I was answering the questions and not the other way round.
What did you make of Harry Simon’s fight last week?
Unfortunately, I didn’t watch the match. I was attending and hosting a pre-independence party.
Who’s your favourite local boxer?
Paulus “The Rock” Ambunda. Really humble, disciplined guy.
Who’s your favourite international boxer?
Too many to mention; Lenox Lewis and Evander Holyfield have always stood out for me BUT, George Foreman tops my list for winning a world title at 40! Clear sign that it’s never too late to achieve your dreams!
What’s the lamest Valentine’s gift you’ve ever given a girl?
A bouquet of plastic roses and a compilation of love songs on a cassette, which I had recorded myself singing to the girl, telling her how much I liked her. SMH!!!!
What’s the brokest you have ever been and how old where you?
One too many times and that’s been the motivation to work extra hard!!!