Gazza rocks in ÔÇÿTufike ApaÔÇÖ

There is something about Gazza and videos. Could it be that he is photogenic? Perhaps, but not all.
Watching ‘Tufike Apa’, GMP’s boss’ latest video shows a classic side of the star. His ‘photogenic-ness’, combined with good beats, make this video a must see.
His dance moves are in sync with the beats, something most local artists fail to do. It’s top notch - from the design to the dress code and the El Cubano background, ‘Tufike Apa’ will surely go places, yes, beyond boarders.
Dressed in sparkly sequined jackets, this video is sure to capture a lot of parties this summer - the four-minute, 32-seconds video is addictive. You would want to play it again and again.
And the man shows a lot of authority around him throughout the video. Surrounded by a pride of groupies, Gazza does some footstep moves with his dancers.
The only weakness this video possesses is, the script has a slight bias to the hit, ‘Shukusha’s music video.
But that is not his fault; blame it on the script writer.
One would be pardoned for thinking Gazza has ‘gone western’ with all the girls in this video, not to mention the lavish lifestyle it depicts. But no, that’s just swag.
As much as the video oozes of class, Gazza maintains his kwaito-boy style with simple, yet fun dance moves, albeit not the ones fans are used to but will get used to.
Shot and directed by Peya Uukunde of Mr Peya’s Videos, together with Maya Neto, the video currently plays on NBC and One Africa TVs and can also be accessed on YouTube. Watch and judge for yourself. And play it with good sound, to feel it.