Man burns cheating girlfriendÔÇÖs shoes

in Oshiwambo tradition, buying shoes for your partner means giving her the permission to ‘walk around’.
For Katutura resident, Benjamin Iileka, burning seven pairs of his girlfriend, Mathilda Tjambari’s shoes would definitely mean the opposite.
He had suspected Tjambari of cheating on him with a 50-year-old man only identified as Michael.
Iileka (26) says he has been confronting his girlfriend about her relationship with Michael but she keeps denying all claims, which annoys him, especially because reports about their hang-outs won’t stop surfacing.
“I understand he is a former employee of the Ministry of Education and owns a few mini-buses that transport people from Windhoek to the North. When he started proposing to my girlfriend, she and I discussed the issue and she even let me talk to him to politely ask him to let her be,” relates Iileka who only became worried when one of his girlfriend’s friends confided in him with detailed information regarding Tjambari’s closeness to old Michael.
“The man has been buying my girlfriend gifts and the two have even gone out for pizza a couple of times,” says Iileka.
Describing Tjambari as a quiet and reserved person, the dejected lover decided to pull out of the relationship and that’s when everything became real.
“Turns out Michael had promised to buy her a house in Wanaheda and all she needed to do while in that house was bear him kids,” reveals Iileka, adding, Tjambari finally admitted, over the phone, she had been cheating on him with Michael.
“She said he is man enough because he has bought her pairs of shoes I couldn’t afford. That’s when I stormed into her Soweto house and burned all her shoes in anger. She later said she was just retaliating because I had sworn at her. Bottom line is that she had been seeing the old man,” he submits.
Tjambari (23) has flatly refused to comment. She has, however, sent a text message to V-Metro saying her phone has technical issues: “I do not want to say anything. Plus, my phone’s speaker has a problem. Please don’t call me again.”