Four WaysÔÇÖ renovation to expose Otavi

That the petrol section of the 24-hour Four Ways Total Service Station in Otavi will be under renovation for the next three months will give the rest of the town more exposure, says town council CEO, Moses Matyayi.
The reconstruction of the main petrol station in Otavi is seen as an opportunity for travellers to turn into the town to explore what it has to offer.
The service station’s location on the outer part of the town has failed to give motorists in transit a chance to see the depth of Otavi.
“The Total Four Ways Service Station falls within the boundaries of Otavi [as of 2012] but it is not where the town starts or ends. There is more to Otavi than most travellers have never explored before. Therefore, I urge them to walk our dusty streets and past our old buildings; who knows, some might even find investment opportunities in the process,” Matyayi says.
There are three filling stations in Otavi, two of which are found on the right side of the town from Tsumeb.
One of the ‘in-town’ fuel stations known as the Circle Service Station was the first ever on to be built in the town. It is situated next to the Spar Supermarket in the centre of the town, while the newly-opened Diesel Depot is just opposite Four Ways.
Managing director of Total Namibia, Chris Hoffman, says the upgrade is being done to remove the single-wall tanks and replace them with double-wall that are complete with new fibre-lite lines and suction pumps, replacing the existing pressure systems.
However, the most important reason for the upgrade, Hoffman says, is to protect the environment and the safety of the customers, as well as enhance the company’s image as that which adheres to international standards of trade.
“The revamp will surely affect business but it is a temporary inconvenience considering the greater good and long-term sustainability the site will attain thereafter,” he submits.
With completion anticipated to be at the end of November, the main forecourt will cater for the festive season and the increased traffic flow [should operations extend till then].