Run for life to the rescue


After two kids, years of depression and a battle with obesity, Elenore Kuhn (31), joined the Run or Walk for Life Club.
While losing 10 kg – from 94-84kg in 9 months - might not be a remarkable success to many but for her, it means a walk of confidence.
“I was overweight and unhappy. This was affecting my social life because I didn’t feel confident about myself and because of this, I avoided going to my husband’s work functions,” Elenore sadly recalls.
Elenore explains that she read about the Run or Walk for Life Club on a poster at Woermann Brock in Olympia and she decided to join in February this year hoping that it would be the excellent solution to her obesity.
The club focuses on helping its members regulate their cholesterol, blood pressure, maintaining sugar levels, increasing bone density and it also helps them lose weight.  
She further explains that she goes for these sessions three times a week where they start by doing warm-up exercises on the grass for about five to 10 minutes in order to relax their bodies; a 10 minutes’ walk at the Windhoek Gymnasium hockey field in order to avoid injuries.
When they are done with field training, the next step is to go on the road with the guidance of the branch manager.
“I am now a runner and I cover six kilometres within 42 minutes but way back, it used to take me time to cover four kilometres. I am very proud of myself. Sometimes I look at the mirror and admire myself,” she says.
Elenore states that she does not follow a specific diet plan but eats healthy foods.
“I used to eat a lot in order to comfort myself but now I have found comfort in running, which boosts my self-esteem. My husband encourages me to continue with the workouts and my children also join in from time to time,” she adds.
 Compared to the traditional gyms, Elenore says that she would recommend the Run or Walk for Life Club for anybody that is depressed, obese and struggling with weight problems  because it’s an outdoor program  which is fun.
On the other hand, Makkie Burger (26), who is in charge of the club, explains that they had a lot of members when they started in January 2011 but some people left during winter and now the club has trimmed down to 30 members.
“I am persuading more members to join this club because after the training, these individuals feel good and stop eating themselves into their graves. Something can be done about this before it’s too late,” explains Makkie.
Makkie further explains that her program is medically endorsed as members are expected to undergo a medical examination before they are accepted as members.
To encourage the members to stay on the program, they are awarded certificates on successful completion of the fitness program.
“People are given certificates in terms of their dedication and completion to these tasks, so we try our best to make them fun-orientated. My centre of attention is not on awarding certificates but encouraging more people to join and not be afraid of giving this work-out a try. This is because when everyone joins, they are stiff at the beginning but after some time, they become more active.  Many people come to our sessions depressed but at the end of the day, they become happy,” she concludes.
For further information to those that are interested, dial 0813661594 or e-mail