MTC to sign new football deal

Perennial football sponsor, MTC, will renew its commitment to local football premiership come October 19th when the season kicks off.
MTC whose N$11m sponsorship to the Namibia Premier League (NPL) ended last season, has agreed to sign a new three-year deal with the league, the telecommunication company’s Tim Ekandjo has confirmed, adding, it is around the same time the company’s new financial year would have officially been approved by its shareholders.
 “NPL’s agreement with MTC expired at the end of the last season. For that reason, the parties entered into new negotiations with the view of extending it for three more years with different terms and conditions. These were proposed by NPL because its needs and requirements in terms of resources have also changed. It was therefore a non-straight forward agreement but one that requires careful thought and consideration. We have our own internal governance procedures and structures from management to the board. As such, we all need an opportunity to look at the new proposal, reflect upon it and then collectively give feedback to the NPL by early October,” said Ekandjo stopping short of revealing the new sponsorship amount.