Augustineum hotbed of Nam education. . . but forgotten

Despite having produced numerous notable individuals who are now serving in high positions within the public and private sectors Augustineum is struggling to keep up with its former glory. The Principal, Beatrice Losper wants the school to return to its former glory but noted that this can only be achieved with the support from thousands of its former learners.
Entering Augustineum, one would hardly think that it was once one of the most prestigious schools in the country.  
“Since independence, the prestige of Augustineum has been going down and when I came here in 2003, I found things very bad. My commitment is to bring back the school back to its glory but there are challenges as we do not enjoy support from former learners, some of whom are even in high positions both in the public and private sectors,” said Losper.
Prominent figures who all top the A-list of Augustineum former pupils are the likes of former Vice- chancellor of Unam and current member of parliament, Peter Katjavivi,  Trade and Industry Minister, Hage Geingob and Local Government Minister Jerry Ekandjo who was later expelled for political reasons.
Losper said if Augustineum is to go back to its former glory, there is need for urgent financial assistance particularly from its former learners.
Having been in existence for 145 years, Losper said more than 100 000 learners have attended the school and that amount includes 10 000 learners who have been there since she became the principal in 2003.
To achieve this goal of transforming the school back to its glory, Losper said they were planning a fundraising campaign and will put up adverts in newspapers in the coming days so that its former learners can contribute at least a minimum of N$145 which is equivalent to the school’s years of existence.
The principal said the aim is to have at least 10 000 former learners to contribute N$145 each, which will amount to N$1 450 000m.
“If we manage to even get 10 000 former learners contributing at least N$ 145, it will make a really big difference. Just imagine what we can do and what we can buy with little contributions from each former learner, considering the state which the school is in,” said Losper.
The collected money will be used to carry out renovations including the rehabilitation of the road leading into the school which have had potholes for some time now.
Losper said, “Many have failed to give back to the school including the MPs who are in a better position to make influential decisions to canvass financial support for the development of the school that made them who they are today.
“The only former learner who makes consistent contributions to the school is the Windhoek businessman, Mr Amon Namwandi and we will forever be grateful for that and we are encouraging others to follow suite,” Losper pleaded.
When it comes to information technology, the school has a computer lab, however, only eight of the 26 are operational. “The rest are broken down and the school does not have the money to take them for repair,” said Losper.
 Currently, Augustineum Secondary School has 1 112 learners.