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Namibian prostitutes are cheap

Mon, 9 September 2013 02:54
by Chris-Paul

A Windhoek-based investigation conducted by V-Metro has found Namibian prostitutes to fall astonishingly short of earnings compared to their foreign counterparts.
Despite having the home [citizenship] advantage, local prostitutes in Windhoek do not cash in on the arguably profitable trade. According to the findings, Zimbabwean and Zambian street sex workers, with well-paying clients, charge up to N$800 per round of an sexual encounter, which normally lasts for less than five minutes.
A Zimbabwean sex worker, Violet Chigari (26) who resides in Windhoek North and the only who was comfortable to speak on-record to V-Metro, says Namibian prostitutes sometimes charge as less as N$30: “It’s a fact that foreign girls make all the money in this country while Namibian girls simply don’t know how to.”
She singles out a prostitution hub near the DHPS school in the Ausspanplatz vicinity where the cheapest of Windhoek prostitutes lag around: “They make business with cheap men like the Chinese and some old broke men who drive run-down bakkies. If a security guard wants to have sex, that’s where they go.”
According to her, all her fellow foreigners make good money because they deal with the ‘right clientele’ mostly comprised of high-profile personalities, such as local and international businessmen, as well as politicians.
“There are a few Namibian women who operate with rich men. They are mostly found in places like Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino and [sometimes] Windhoek Country Club, not on the streets,” Violet tells.
Giving her account of the business environment, Violet says Angolans are the best of all the clients because they do not have trouble paying for the services and oftentimes pay in US dollars.
When it comes to day-to-day operations on the streets, however, Violet points out foreign sex workers do not only run the streets but they own them. In her view, foreign prostitutes have better advantage because they are highly experienced and find it a lot easier to be prostitutes in a foreign country rather than back home, as they do not worry about bumping into anyone they know.
“We know how to take care of our bodies; we smell nice and dress seductively and are not afraid to approach clients because we have nothing to shy away from. Imagine being spotted by people you might have gone to school with in this job! That’s what keeps the locals from making good money,” she furthers.
Apart from those at Kalahari Sands Hotel and Casino and Windhoek Country Club, the sex workers who hang around the Chez Ntembas make good money and invest appropriately in their home countries, Violet reveals.
Unfortunately, V-Metro was unable to get any comment from Namibian sex workers, some of whom appeared desperate indeed, with worrying self-presentations as far as personal hygiene is concerned.