19 puppies in one canine labour

in an astonishing case of canine birth, a dog in the residential area of Okuryangava shocked the community by giving birth to 19 puppies a fort night ago.
According to the owner, Isak Matresu, never has he heard of a female dog giving birth to such a large number of puppies in a single litter.
“One would wonder how a dog would manage to carry so many puppies in one birth!” Matresu wonders.
Nine of the puppies, however, died a few days later due to either being premature or being too weak.
“The death was sudden but it did not come as a surprise for us, really. This is quite a rare event,” he says.
Though it is a rare birth, it is however not the first time a dog has birthed a large number of puppies in the world.
Hillary du Plessis from the SPCA says the case is not that unusual, although it has been a long time since she has heard a similar case here in Namibia
In 2005, internationally, 24 puppies were born in a litter. Tia, a mastiff dog had been expected to give birth to only 10 puppies after a visit to the vet but shocked everyone by delivering 24.  
In Tia’s case, though, only four of the puppies died as they were too weak while 20 thrived. This is, by far, a world record.
In another similar international scenario, a 101 – Dalmatian named Button birthed a litter of 18 puppies and fortunately, all puppies. The occurrence of this event was in 2007.