MTCÔÇÖs new mobile home now at Mvula Centre

The new enlarged flagship, MTC Oshakati Mobile Home retail shop, has re-opened for business at the modern Mvula Centre, situated at Dr Augustinho Street in Oshakati.
MTC argues the growth of customers in Oshakati and the surrounding areas has prompted this strategic move. The Oshakati Mobile Home is the largest of the eight mobile homes in the northern regions and serves over 1000 customers per day on average.
“The relocated shop has been docked with an air of MTC’s look and feel livery of its corporate colours. It will be manned by a competent and highly trained staff of eight, who will offer all MTC services, such as data, contract renewals, new individuals application, business applications and prepayment,” the company says.
The cost for the relocation and setting up of the new shop was N$1m. With an enlarged reception hall size, the new sleek-looking Oshakati Mobile Home is the choice of shop for the local telecommunications giant’s customers in the North.
The Oshakati mobile home continues on the excellent well founded tradition of MTC by ensuring it provides the essential telecommunications products and services immediately to its customers in whichever part of the country.
“This is what MTC is known for and we will not renegade on that promise because as a service provider, we not only showcase a top class modern communications system but that it is easily accessible across the country. MTC recognises the importance of making these services available in all corners of the country,” says the chief human capital and corporate affairs officer, Tim Ekandjo.
“Besides the mobile homes, MTC also relies on a network of around 59 main dealers and over 3000 small retailers who sell MTC vouchers from their outlets, bearing testimony to MTC’s drive to directly and indirectly empower Namibian entrepreneurs,” the company concludes.