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Whopping N$5m pledged for desertification

Thu, 15 August 2013 19:26
by Online Writer
News Flash

Over N$5 million was pledged by Namibia’s diplomatic and private

sector communities in a show of support to Namibia’s hosting of the 11th Conference
 of the Parties to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD COP 11).

Environment and Tourism Minister, Uahekua Herunga, hosted a sponsor’s dinner in honor of
 the upcoming conference on the 13 August earlier this week, thanking. the sponsors for their
 generous contributions.
“As key members of Namibia’s private sector community, we
 welcome your company’s support of Namibia’s decision to host this international


The most notable pledge was a significant N$4 million show of support from the German
 Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Namibia. The donation is representative of
 Germany’s ongoing commitment and support to combating desertification in Namibia from
 the Republic of Germany
German Charge’ d’ Affairs in Namibia, Andrée
 Schloltz says:  “A quarter of the funds pledged will be used in running a co-operative programme aimed at getting Namibians more involved. The additional three million will be

used to support Namibia in the delivery of the conference – specifically through public
 relations, the deployment of event technology and the building of temporary structures for the

Herunga added that “Namibia’s role as the official host to the convention provides
 an opportunity for international exposure and positioning for Namibia – offering
 the business community extensive networking opportunities with prospective business
 partners, showcasing Namibia’s natural beauty as a world-class business and leisure tourism
 destination, as well as by enhancing to maintain a current awareness of issues and challenges
 facing people living in dry lands, and more specifically the impact here in Namibia”.

The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) pledged a further N$790,000, while a
 collective of South African specialist service providers to the event also pledged their
 commitment to the cause through their half a million donation.
Air Namibia pledged airline
 tickets to the value of N$100,000 in addition to offering discounted delegate rates on flights for
 conference attendees.
Other members including
 Pupkewitz Holdings, the Botswana High Commission, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia,
 and the High Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigerian also pledged
 their support.