Beware of the man in rosary

summer time is here and so are pick-pocketers. Last week saw a high rate of pick-pocketers in Windhoek. And they seem to be having a similar MO; a rosary.In Pic 1,The City Police Cycle Section nabbed two Polytechnic engineering students near Ellerines in Windhoek after they had snatched a laptop from another Polytechnic student at Fish and Chips. Pic 2, another robber was caught after running away with a cellphone next to Hungry Lion. Pic 3, Another daring duo robbers also in rosary were caught inside Jertmart taking cellphones and goodies from female shoppers. One of them, 23 year old Thimotheus Lifeendjona(3rd Picture) Hameno confessed that the rosary was a decoy nowadays as dark glasses are now old fashioned in the trade.