KK ÔÇô IÔÇÖm back with full effect

What are the projects you are taking on these days?
I just wrapped up my new album titled "Bucket List" and its fire, if I must say so myself. My producer (Prolific Artikle) and I recently joined forces and established a supergroup called "Artikle 21" consisting of 2 producers, 6 rappers and a singer, so we are busy working on tracks for the E.P which will drop early 2014. We’re also working on RUSH’s new album; all together it’s quite a handful but nothing we can’t handle.
If you were stuck on a ship with Lil-D, Kanibal and Quido for a month with no food or water and had to resort to cannibalism, who would you eat? 
Quido, he’s a clown, plus I don’t like 061 rappers. lol  
Where have you been?  
I have been around, just trying to figure out and sort out some issues in my life but all is well now and I’m back with full effect.
What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in public? 
Passed out in a club once and it haunts me till this day.
What do you do when you are not in the studio, work, studying or at home? 
Probably just with friends talking a whole lot of smack and looking for victims to add to the “list”.
Describe your first sexual encounter with a woman?
Wow! It was very interesting, very interesting.  
What’s the way to a Namibian girl’s heart?
Loyalty, faithfulness, trust, willingness to compromise and be there for her no matter what. Or if that doesn’t work, just show her your bank statements, it’s really up to you.  
What can you cook best? 
Are you a coke or Windhoek lager guy?
Neither, I’m a Vigo type of guy.
People don’t know what tribe you are, where do you stand? 
My dad’s Herero, my mom’s Damara/Nama with a little German on the side so basically I’m just your typical Namibian mixed breed.
Do you fold your toilet paper or do you scrunch it?
Fold. TP doesn’t need any scrunching.
What is the one thing Namibian women lack in?  
Self confidence.
Who is your favorite super hero? 
Superman, Hulk is also kind of cool.
If you could be in a band with any two musicians, dead or alive, who would they be and what would you call the band? 
MJ and Bob Marley and we’ll call it “Hell Froze” .
Has anyone ever thrown underwear on stage while you were performing? 
Not yet but I can sense it’s going to happen soon.
What will you be doing in 8 years time?
Running one of the biggest record labels in Africa
Can you swim?
Who are Namibia’s sexiest women? (no relatives or girlfriends)
Delish & Cutie
What is your greatest quality? 
My charm
How much money do you have in your pockets right now?
N$ 20.55
Who is your musical inspiration? 
The Notorious B.I.G
What was high school like for you?
 Life changing. Everything I am today is a result of what happened in high school and I am grateful.
Name the three most talented Namibian artists and how they are talented?
 Lil D and Shishani- best vocalists by far and yours truly “K.K” best rapper.
What is the longest time you have ever gone without a shower?
3 days, it gets crazy sometimes.  
Do you like children in general?
Yes but only before they start talking, after that they’re just plain annoying.