Che Ulenga ÔÇô The Goddess

If you were a soft drink which would you be?
What wrong with Namibian men these days?
They’ve lost their touch on life and forgotten their potential to be Great men of this world.
Where does “the Goddess” come from?
Had a 6 to 9pm show on UNAM Radio when I first left KCR. I was on air one night and it just swept off the top of my head and popped out of my mouth. I thought it sounded good so I kept it.
What has been the most embarrassing moment for you?
I am not too sure. I’ve had so many. I have at least one embarrassing moment everyday on air.
Tell us about your first kiss?
It was defiantly with a guy…. And that’s all I remember
How much cash do you have in your wallet right now? *don’t lie*
N$ 38.50
What is the worst song you have ever heard on radio?
Dolla 6 ohakalapeni?
How are you so confident on stage? What is the trick?
I love to have fun and I ready myself for a good time. I get so excited About being apart of the stage and playing a big role in what’s happening,  I forget I’m nervous – daan’s daa k@k!
Have you ever been booed?
If I have been booed then I didn’t hear it. But am sure it happened. With so many haters roaming the earth it’s bound to happen.
If you were a city, what city would that be?
Am not sure how to answer this one because I’ve never thought of it, but now that its come up – I’d be Cairo. Why? Its ancient history and heritage – it’s majestic.
If we open your fridge what would we find?
Tah! Last night’s dinner, a 750ml WHK Lager, ondungu, veggies, strawberry jam and fish spread
What is the difference between Che Ulenga and Che the Goddess?
No difference – Che Ulenga would do exactly the same things The Goddess would do. If there is a difference then it’s that the Goddess would dance in heels and Che Ulenga boogies in Converse sneakers.
What weird tendencies do you have?
I have this thing where I have to take my clothes off when doing a number 2.
What is the one thing people do that you cannot stand?
Folks who mess with my playlist – I can’t stand that
If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Probably Georgina – it’s just has a nice ring.
If we wrote a book about you what would the title be?
“Rumble in Dolam” LMAO!
Do you believe in the African way of discipline?
Oh yea baby! Look at us? That’s what makes us different from the rest of the world and today they want to be like us.
Who are the two sexiest men in Namibia?*no relatives*
Abed Erastus and Amos Shiyuka – DAYUMMMM!
Who is the most talented musician in Namibia?
Black Vulcanite.
Have you ever woken up and didn’t know what date it was?
Yea man. Especially when I used to do the breakfast show. I used to wake up on Saturday mornings and almost die because I would believe that I had to be at work.
What do you think is beyond the universe?
Darkness all the way, then a few stars, then more darkness.
Lady May, Tequila, Adora, Blossom - pick one?
If weed was legal in Namibia would you grow your own plantation?
Oh hell yea! I would immediately see business potential
What posters did you have on your wall as a young girl?
Posters of Harley Davidsons ( I still have them) and international celebrities – especially Eve.
How much do you like the color red?
I really dig it. Red stands for so many things - from Passion to Death. It makes powerful statements.
Does your cooking suck?
Nope. If I wasn’t an RJ, I’d probably be a Soul Food Cook.
Where you bullied or where you the bully?
Nah! I was too quiet so nobody noticed me
When can we expect The Goddess to walk around with a wedding ring?
Does a person have to get married? Is it like a must? Can’t we just kick it with our Best friend forever?