Schiefer family say he is innocent

the family of a young man accused of murdering his parents, Romeo Schiefer, said last week that they are convinced that he is innocent on the charges against him.
Family members of Romeo and relatives, with some who travelled as far as Uis, attended the court session last Wednesday in which Romeo was set hear judgment in the case  he is accused of murdering his parents.
It’s alleged that Romeo shot his father Frans Schiefer (50) with a firearm, and then stabbing and shooting his mother Fransiena Schiefer (50) with a knife on 18 January 2008 in Windhoek’s Khomasdal residential area.
High Court Judge Naomi Shivute postponed the hearing of judgment to 25 September, because judgment was not ready to be passed in the case.
Leading the family was Romeo’s elder brother Desmond and his wife Isabel Schiefer, who both agreed to speak to Metro outside the High Court.
"We were all suspected of having killed our parents that night , but the two of us had to be let go because they narrowed the case on Romeo. They narrowed the case on him because he was the youngest and was the last to leave the house," said Desmond.
He said community members in his neighborhood can attest that Romeo, who he described as a ‘mommy’s boy,’ did not have one bone of aggression in him.
"He was a quiet boy, he admitted to drinking something at his friend’s place but he was not drunk even when he was called and told to come back home that night after the murders," he said.
Desmond admitted the family was not sure in the beginning whether of Romeo’s indeed committed the brutal murders or not, but after following the legal proceedings and hearing the evidence that was brought forward, he said they believe Romeo is innocent.
According to reports, Schiefer  and his parents allegedly had a quarrel on the night of the incident at their home in Khomasdal when they had refused to give him money. He allegedly first stabbed his mother with a knife, and then shot her twice in the legs. The father was shot in the head, and it is suspected that he had been asleep at the time.
"We are convinced that he is innocent, not only because of the witnesses and what the lawyer dug up, it is also because the evidence the state uncovered," said Desmond.
He argued that investigations have found that the blood found on Romeo’s shorts from another female and did not match his mother’s.
"Forensic evidence showed that Romeo’s shoes had no blood as opposed to shoeprints found in the blood. Romeo’s alibi indicates that he was nowhere near the murder scene and the only thing that has dragged the case on is the confession Romeo made the day after his arrest," said  Desmond.
He said Romeo was tricked into making the confession, "he was told to make the confession by the police so that they can let him go home. He believed them, what do you expect of an 18 year-old teenager who has not slept at all?"
He said the family believe that their parents murder was a robbery gone wrong perpetrated by someone else not Romeo.