A walk towardÔÇÖs one destiny

Amid the current unemployment faced by graduates, Teopolina Tuyeni decided to rather take her destiny in her hands.
Just in the corner of TV Moore street in Southern Industrial is a ‘Tely Take Away’ trolley, which offers various food products such a different types of hotdogs, hamburgers, and chips which was launched last week.
Tuyeni, holder of a Bachelor of Communication from Polytechnic of Namibia and a Diploma in Radio Production from College of the Arts, found it hard to just stay at home struggling financially, while she even had a child at home to feed. Instead of waiting on that job from the Government to come to her, she realised that life can be more successful if one used proactive measures and worked towards fulfilling their own destiny.
Working on getting her dream come true does take per hard work and commitment.
From early last year, she worked on gathering funds from family and friends who believed in her enough to help her open her own business. Before hand, she had done a survey through which she expected to weigh the pros and cons of businesses she should venture in.
“I chose to venture into food industry because I believe food is the most important product that is needed throughout by everybody. I then decided to operate from that part of southern industrial as I had realised that most businesses located there do not have any nearby food shop,” she says.
She then went with the kind of food that can allow the workers in that area to grab something during lunch time or a brief break without having to go so far away.
She has a menu with different type of food such as vienna, braai wors, russians, hot dog and the telly hotdog which is made of fried onion and cheese. She does hamburgers too which include cheeseburger, chicken or mushroom amongst more varieties.
She has gone far then to make specials on Wednesdays and Fridays comprising of food such as rice and curry, pokkiekos soup, beef stew with rice as well as sweet pumpkin.
Her dream is not of only to have one shop,s but rather open more franchises of Tely Take Away countrywide.
She has already applied for a loan at the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) to carry out that project.
She has ordered five more trolleys that will be used by the people who will franchise her business. She already has two potential partners interested into doing franchise, one in the north and another at the coast. The girl born in Lusaka while her parents were in exile in Zambia, moved back to Namibia while she was two years of age.
She attended primary school in Windhoek then her secondary school in Ohangwena Region, but never dreamed of owning her own business. However, she is now thankful of people who have inspired her to never get discouraged from life, but to always look for other alternatives to better her life.
“This experience from the initiation of the idea to launching the business has taught me to never give up in life and that one should always go for what they need. It has also shown me that nothing is impossible in life if you put your mind to it,” she concludes.