The mixed economy has failed us

I am not asking for capitalist to start to be executed, but remember according to Frantz Fanon “Violence is man re-creating himself. ” but simply advocate for the social aspect of the economy to be allowed to penetrate as it ought to be doing.
 Innovation and creativity should be awarded but for capitalism to be allowed to truly dominate the economy is unacceptable.
They say the Marxist are the worst enemy of capitalism, but whether or not I am a Marxist is irrelevant here, but what is important here is the socialist and liberalism being allowed to be with in one operating economy.
Let’s not cause an economic downturn, but let’s fix what’s broken and improve it. Let’s bring out the socialist weapons in the capitalist economy we have in this independent republic and appeal; to the anxious masses before social disorder comes up on the street when it will then be too late to deal with it.
It’s time to end Laissez Faire-let’s leave everything to the economy market and it will fix its self; this philosophy’s days should be numbered.
Let’s tax the rich, tax co-operatives, trans-national cooperation, let’s introduce Government Regulation, Governments oversight and government ownership.
The intention is not salvage the economy, the intention is to systematically dismantle capitalism and replace it with socialist capitalist (mixed economy doctrine).
Let’s give to those who are rich and let’s hope that they prosperity triggers down.
It’s a common sense regulation philosophy, its ownership philosophy simply meaning that you are on your own.
We need change, universal dream savings, savings, retirement benefits are disappearing, lets get rid of a failed economic system. Namibians shouldn’t be in danger anymore.
Some will say that this is the time we have been waiting to kill capitalism aspect in our mixed economy and I wouldn’t blame them that is more dominating then it should be and it has destroyed the socialist, some will disagree with us even those that we have elected because of patronage and special interest.
When situation of bread and butter is neglected, when those to be elected are more worried about printing ballot papers then finding programmes to create employment and empower their people, they are thus forcing the population to create Marxist Socialist who will be like Hugo Chavez of Namibia, orthore Mr Chavez has certainly done good work for his country some other elements of his leadership tenure are worrying some.
I am not a petty starving socialist dictator, waiting  to dismantle economy and become a socialist state and strip those what they have work hard for  what they have but want the issues of starving minorities need to be feed and bee made to feel that they too are part of the Independent Namibian.
 I am not the Black Robin Hood. But I am a Socialist democrat who understand that innovation and creativity should be rewarded, but not a the cost of people being offered cheap labour and produce at lower cost to make super profits and empower a few.
 I want a tax policy introduce less about revenue and more about fairness, so even if government collect less revenue, it’s better to punish the evil “rich”.
I want business to strive and succeed and those who work hard to be awarded but people who earn more need to pay more tax so that government can address the social challenges it has neglected now for so many years.
I am against monotholic and ruthless secret societies that aim to benefit selfishly from resources of the economy and through conspiracy that relies primarily on convert means for expanding its sphere of wealth, its influence and infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of election, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.
Remember as all this happens the youth of Namibia, who have been sleeping for a long time, are more awake now than ever, more vigilant than ever. The youth account for 60% of this population, we are saying enough is enough and that our own volatile nature can no longer be risked, we must create new ways, structures to seek out and eradicate the true source of man’s inhumanity to man.
If Government continue to treat youth unemployment and marginalisation with complacence and disdain do so at their own peril, and do not deserve to lead our glorious people! It was the late great Oliver Tambo in 1985 that referred to the youth as young lions.
He said a nation that does not take care of its youth does not have a future and does not deserve one.
They have roared, we hope the world listens before the young lions bite!