Miss Namibia contestants visit Lifeline/Childline

The 2013 Miss Namibia contestants paid a visit to the Lifeline/Childline offices in Windhoek on where they were briefed about the operations of the institution by children and some volunteers.  
National Director of Lifeline/Childline, Jane Shityuweli spoke about the annual lollipop campaign that involves selling lollipops to raise awareness on child abuse.  
In the past, the contestants would go out into the communities with representatives from Lifeline/Childline and this is the first time that the contestants had visited the offices as well as the counseling rooms of Lifeline/Childline.
Miss Namibia is synonymous with goodwill; especially involving children, the elderly and the less privileged.
Shityuweli urged the woman that will be crowned Miss Namibia to continue this legacy.
“If you are crowned Miss Namibia, you are privileged enough to make a difference’’ she said.
The event also served as a ceremony for the handover of an information box to students from the A. Shipena High school.
The box will serve as a communication tool for children who do not have the courage to dial the 116 toll free line for assistance. Children will be able to place their letters and suggestions in the box anonymously.
Shityuweli said that this year’s focus for Lifeline/Childline is to focus on what steps to take steps to make the community safer for children.
About 20 children call the Lifeline/Childline every day and up to 10% of all cases turn into counseling cases.