FNB Namibia fund women in tourism

The First National Bank of Namibia (FNB) has given a sponsorship of N$ 30 000 torwards the Woman in Tourism celebration.
“FNB Namibia is committed to the tourism sector of Namibia and especially women in tourism. We know that many women are dependent on their livelihood from the tourism sector, be it as employees in hospitality or entrepreneurs by selling their crafts and ware to tourists all over the country,” says Vicky Muranda, Communications Manager at FNB Namibia in a statement.
Muranda further says that the bank also knows that women face a number of challenges in the country which sometimes prevent them from utilizing all opportunities within the tourism sector.
“Some women are far away from home as a result of their employment and this is not easy for any women. Sometimes they also work long hours and in isolated areas, not always ideal situations,” says Muranda.
The event organised by Team Destination Namibia (TDN) was part of the build up to the 2013 Adventure Travel World Summit which is also supported by the bank.
“We are happy that our sponsored amount – albeit small – will assist team Destination Namibia in hosting a one day event to bring woman achievers from the Namibian tourism sector together for a celebration that is aimed at initiating discussion around addressing some of the challenges the women face,” Muranda concludes.