Soldier stabbed for stealing booze

aNamibia Defence Force (NDF)  member Erastus Kambawu spent four days in Grootfontein State Hospital last week recovering from stab wounds sustained during a fight over alcohol.
According to one of his attackers, Freddy Jefferson (27), Kambawu spent the evening stealing booze from a cooler-box that was in the boot of their car at a bar where they were drinking.
“My friends thought he was a friend of mine. Of course, I know him but we are not friends. We did not drink together,” said Jefferson.
He said Kambawu (32) who was seated with a group of girls on a table not far from theirs, kept helping himself from the hard liquor all evening.
“I knew we came with three bottles of Jameson in the cooler box. I only saw two on the table. When I asked for the third, one of the guys I was with told me that man with a camouflage hat has it. He said he had been drinking from it and then decided to just keep it,” he said.
When confronted, Jefferson said, Kambawu denied taking the bottle from the cooler box before becoming aggressive.
“We were about to let it go when he started to insult and make references to his gun. He said he was a soldier and was going to shoot us all dead,” said Jefferson.
Though he denied stabbing the soldier, he admitted that he was part of the physical fight that left Kambawu with three stab wounds on the back.
In his testimony, Kambawu said he was provoked when Jefferson and his friend had run out of booze and started a fight with him.
“I was just alone with three girls and a disabled friend. They were three on me and I was alone. They stabbed me three times on the back. I did not steal their bottle and I was buying with my own money.
“I’m still in pain and please call me when I recover and I will give you feedback of what I would have done to those boys,” said Kambawu.