Dundee in wage agreement with MUN

Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb (DPMT) previously known as Namibian Custom Smelters (NCS) and the Mineworkers Union Namibia (MUN), have agreed substantive salary increases for the next three years for all employees in the bargaining unit.
The agreement will be valid form 1 March 2013 to 29 February 2016.
Negotiations between the parties resulted in guaranteed wage increases for members in the Grades A1 to C4 categories under the Paterson job grading system.
The workers will receive an 8 percent increase on basic salaries together with same increases in provident fund, medical aid and housing contributions made by the company during the first year in 2013.
In 2014 and 2015 salary increases will be based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 3 percent and 3.5 percent respectively, with a guaranteed minimum increase of 8 percent for 2014 and 8.5 percent for 2015.
Increases in provident funds and medical aid and housing contributions provided by the company will also be included each year.
“The three-year wage agreement is a forward-looking demonstration of mature negotiations and constructive engagement between DPMT management and the union,” stated Isai Nekundi, DPMT Manager for Stakeholder and Administrative Affairs in a statement.
He added that the parties have further agreed to revise and improve the criteria for production bonus payment and the introduction of hot meals for employees.
DPMT, has approximately 500 permanent employees in the MUN bargaining unit.