Likoro out on 2 000 bail after alleged rape charge

The top official that was arrested in Katima Mulilo over the weekend, Vincent Likoro, is currently out on N$2 000 bail, Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga confirmed.
Likoro was arrested and charged with a rape that allegedly took place in Katima Mulilo on a fellow report.  
Though General Ndeitunga confirmed that Likoro is a special advisor to a minister of Lands and Resettlement, Alpheus !Naruseb.
"I don't have much information on the matter but  i'm aware he is out on bail now which I'm told is N$ 2 000 and I'm not sure when exactly is he returning to court," said the general.    
Though details about the rape still remain sketchy as police are treating the case with caution as the case involves a top official, reports suggest that Likoro is alleged to have raped a colleague.
"I hear that the victim in the case might be a colleague, but I don't have any information on her and it's difficult to tell," he said.