NSA encourages use of statistics

The Namibia Statistics Agency (NSA) today held a producer consumer workshop to consult with users on their needs and level of satisfaction with products and services of the Namibian statistical system.
The NSA also presented highlights from last year and introduced new initiatives aimed at better meeting the needs of users.
 Various users and producers of statistics attended the workshop held at the Nampower Convention Centre.
Statistician- General of the NSA, Dr John Steytler emphasized the importance of the workshop and that it is compulsory for the NSA to hold the workshop on an annual basis. ‘’This workshop is significant because it is good for accountability and good statistics lead to good planning’’ said Steytler, he further said that the views of the audience are taken seriously at the workshop.
Director- General of the National Planning Commission, Tom Alweendo said that statistics are important because they enable stakeholders to better interpret and understand information. ‘’as employees and employers we rely on accurate statistics in order to make good decisions and to prepare for the future; without necessary data development will not be implemented’’ he said.  Alweendo further stated that statistics should be timely and regularly available to consumers and that they should be up to date.
Alweendo urged institutions of higher learning to equip students with the necessary skills to enable them to interpret and make use of statistics. The NSA has a web portal for people to access statistical information sand the NSA database. Alweendo also made a plea to the NSA to not play out their role in isolation and to continue collaborating with different stake holders.
 The NSA has collaborated with a number of ministries and other stake holders in order to produce accurate and transparent statistics. These ministries include the Ministry of Labour and social welfare in 2012 and the Ministry of Agriculture. Participants were given an opportunity to comment and ask questions during the course of the workshop.