Woman smashes exÔÇÖs windscreen

an enraged Otjiwarongo woman, Aune Shipanga, crowned her ex-boyfriend, Esron Hambira ‘s new car windscreen with a brick after an argument over their three year old son.
Hambira said he wanted to show his car to his friend and baby’s mother but instead got into an argument which saw his car receiving a brick in the windscreen.
“I think she got a little bit jealous and started an unnecessary argument. She called me names and insulted me like crazy. All I wanted was to show her my new car and she brought in other stories,” said Hambira who is also resident Orwetoveni location.
Hambira said he tried to grab Shipanga and stop her from getting physical but she spat in his face.
“I slapped her a bit on her cheek and she went wild. I ran to my car and locked myself inside,” said Hambira.
He said Shipanga swung a brick into the car’s windscreen at close range and he had to get out of the car.
Shipanga confirmed the attack on the car but claimed she did it in retaliation after Hambira had punched her in the face.
“He punched me, can you believe it? He prides himself of being a gentleman. What kind of gentleman punches a woman? I did that out of anger of being hit in the face not because I’m jealous of his car,” said Shipanga. “We just had an argument because I confronted him for not supporting his child.”
 Shipanga said the argument started when she asked him about child support.  
“The problem here has nothing to do with his car. The problem here is him not supporting his child. I asked him how could a man who is unable to send his kid money every month afford to buy a car and he got upset,” Shipanga said.
She said Hambira has failed to send his son some money for the last three months.
“There has been nothing from him for the last three months. I’m the only one who is taking care of this kid and his mother will tell you the same. His money goes to his many girlfriends,” said Shipanga angrily.
Hambira confirmed that the argument was about not supporting his child but claimed there was a reason for that.
“When she got a job at the Ministry of Education or Agriculture some months ago, we had an argument and she said she doesn’t need anything for the child from me. Now some months down the line, she wants support from me. It’s my child. I just don’t like the way she asked for the support and she should have just been polite,” said Hambira.