Mutorwa urges speed on Neckartal Dam Project

The Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MWAF) has urged the Tender Board to implement the High Court order on Neckartal Dam for construction to commence soonest.
Government last week lost the Neckartal Dam case to CSC Joint Venture that had lost the multi-billion dollar tender to the Italian firm, Salimi Contruttori S.p.A.
The High Court full bench made up of Judge President Petrus Damaseb, Dave Smuts and Shafimana Ueitele made a ruling in favour of CSC Joint Venture in a 39-page judgment and ordered Government to foot the legal bill.
The MWAF minister, John Mutorwa on Friday said his ministry expects the Tender Board to ‘be practical and expeditious’ with the tender.
“It is the expectation, hope and wish of the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, as the implementing Ministry of the project, that the High Court’s judgement and order, will be practically, expeditiously, fairly and urgently carried out by the Tender Board of Namibia,” said minister John Mutorwa in a statement.
He said this would ensure that the national project was implemented as planned and budgeted for by Government. Mutorwa further said that too much time has already been lost.
The minister added that the importance of the Neckartal Dam project was comprehensively articulated and outlined in his public statement delivered at Keetmanshoop as well as in a press statement issued early this year.
“The arguments advanced and articulated in the public statement and press release respectively were relevant and valid then; are relevant and valid now and will most hopefully remain relevant and valid in the future,” Mutorwa said.
According to the minister, last week’s court order on Neckartal Dam construction was the fourth since December 2011 where the Tender Board had dealt with and handled the tender.
Reading the ruling, Judge Smuts said the Tender Board has to review the tender award, “The decision of the Tender Board of Namibia to allocate the tender for the Neckartal Dam construction project to the Italian dam construction firm Salini Costruttori S.p.A is hereby set aside with costs.”