PAP caucus starts at the coast

The Pan-African Parliament (PAP) Southern Caucus this morning started its workshop on
Infrastructure and Development in the Southern African Region. This one-week
conference is held at the Protea Hotel in Walvis Bay and ends on Friday.
The Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Theo-Ben Gurirab officially opened the
event, which will discuss and highlight the need to develop a viable energy, rail
and road transport infrastructure (network) to enhance regional and international
 trade within ten (10) countries belonging to the Southern Caucus of the Pan African
Parliament, and countries that will participate in this workshop include Zambia,
Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Angola, Malawi
and South Africa.
During this event, heads of transports, ports and logistic companies in the region
will make presentations whereas specialists and academics will also present papers.
Further, in providing the solution to the challenges of implementing the process, the
workshop will underscore the role that Namibia has played in developing itself as
an alternative trade route for the Southern African Region.
The workshop is sponsored by the Embassy of Finland, Namport and the Walvis
Bay Corridor Group