Machine and Tool Maintenance Engineers

Machine & Tool Maintenance Engineers (MTME) is an Engineering company which specializes in maintenance and repair of machines and machine ship equipment.
 At the time of its inception in 2002 MTME was is mainly involved in precision & general engineering, manufacturing and design has since grown with once off jobs in 2006 and the company has now started manufacturing spare parts for workshop machines.
Concurrently, the company was also manufacturing Dehuller’s, roller mills, grinding mills and various mixers.
On request of a local company, MTME started manufacturing equipment locally for the mining exploration industry in 2006.
This entailed manufacturing drilling rigs themselves and their consumables such as adapters, Drilling Rods, air boxes, crossover subs etc.
In 2007, it was a year of expansion for Machine & Tool Maintenance Engineers, investing in AutoCAD facilities for the Design & Drawing office as well as numerous pieces of equipment for the workshop which included an Alpha Harrison CNC lathe machine as well as aluminium welding & Plasma cutting facilities.
During a period between 2011 and 2012 MTM expanded further by designing and constructing fully functional diamond core and R.C drill rigs for Gecko mining.
Products and Services
MTME deals in quality machinery and manufacturing locally produced drill rigs with their drilling consumables as well as Dehuller’s, roller mills, grinding mills, specialized shafts and many more engineering tools and machinery.
The company currently imports stainless steel screens and quality diesel engines from India to boost their competitiveness in the market. MTME is able to sell 10 units of each type of machine per year
Machine and Tool Maintenance has also added Transport and Haulage to our Business Portfolio, by acquiring 2 haulage trucks from United Kingdom. According to the company this was necessary to efficiently collect steel (Raw Materials) from the steel mills and deliver our products timely & cost Products. MTME manufactures machines for both Agricultural and Mining sectors.
Agricultural Products manufactured by MTME :
•    Roller Mills (Maize, sorghum, mahangu)
•    Dehuller’s (Mahangu, Maize)
•    Grinding Mills (3 Sizes for Maize, Mahangu)
•    Pre-Cleaners (Incl. Vibratory Cleaners)
•    Threshers
•    Liquid packing machines
•    Dryers(mahangu and maize)
•    Hindustan engines(electric starter included)

Mining and Exploration Drilling Products

•    Manufacture of Drill Rig Consumables
•    Agents for Dyna Drill (Bits)
•    Drill Tubes
•    Cross Over Subs
•    Adapters
•    Reduction Gearboxes
•    Rods (Manufacture and Repair)
•    Bell Adapters
•    Sub Frames
•    Cyclones
•    R.C and Diamond core drill rigs

MTME offers Plant Maintenance on the mining and Drilling Industry, Manufacturing Industries Food and Beverage Industry, Workshop and Factory Machinery Repair and the Milling Industry
Additional Services
Welding and Fabrication

•    Pipe Work/Networks (Steel, Stainless Steel)
•    Trailer body repairs/manufacture
•    Chutes
•    Feed Hoppers
•    Conveyers
•    Aluminium, cast iron, Steel, Stainless Steel Welding
•    Hydraulic, Oil and Fuel Tanks
•    Bases-Mounting
•    Pipe Threading
•    Plasma Cutting
•    Guillotine, Bending, Rolling facilities
•    Spot welding
•    General fabrication

MTME also offers services such as general and specialized aluminium and stainless steel fabrication  and welding, general and Specialized CNC Production, design and drawings office (With full AutoCAD facilities),milling of Gears and Splines, manufacturing of drilling rigs and consumables and general and specialized cutting, bending and rolling.

The Team
Currently Machine & Tool Maintenance employs 18 permanent workers. Additionally MTME also offers a training program for artisans and technicians. To date MTME has trained and qualified 4 artisans for WVTC (Windhoek Vocational Training Centre) and currently are training 2 artisans and technicians for qualification. According to MTME’s Draftsmam, Neil Foxen who has joined the company as a trainee after graduating from VTC, being employed at MTME is one of his best experiences. MTME is 100% owned, managed and run by previously disadvantaged persons.
To be able to cater for smaller clients, MTME opened a branch in Lafrenz to sell smaller products as so that the workshop can deal with the manufacturing of larger products. The company is also looking at opening a branch in the north to act as a showroom. Overall, the company’s aim to have branches all over the country to make sure that all areas are catered for.
•    Dyna Drill (Drill Bits & Hammers)
•    Eason Vertex (Digital Readouts and Machine Tools)
•    Rosslyn Machine Tools (Various Workshop Equipment Tools)

Contracts undertaken
MTME has done manufacturing of Complete Prospecting drilling rigs for both Diamond and Uranium including Hydraulics and Gearboxes with drill tubes and all accessories with their consumables for Namura Minerals. 11 Built to date at an estimated value of about 7 million Namibian Dollars.
The company has also manufactured White Metal Bearings (Recasting of white metal and machining to size subcontracted by Bearing International for Rossing Uranium) as well,  manufacturing drilling rods 1.5m and 3m, Cross over subs, tapered adapters, Diamond drilling heads.
MTME has also designed and manufactured  Hudia Milling Plants for Natural health, carry boy (Tracks Driven Mine Transportation Vehicle for Exemplar), industrial stainless steel peelers for Imsyser Pharmaceutical Products and Dehuller’s & Grinding Mills for Continental Spares.
The company also completed manufacture of drive shafts, gears, Splined flanges, cylinders and blankets for Republikein’s Printing Machine (Sole Local Manufacturer) Democratic Media Holdings.
Rebuilding the of Workshop Machines at Swachrome Engineering was also one of the contracts that MTME has undertaken among many more.
All the machines of MTME are manufactured in Namibia and are specifically designed to meet the Namibian market. The company provides financing for the purchase of the machines, making it affordable for the local buyers. MTME also offers full maintenance and spares including extra changes necessary in the products they sell. All the products manufactured at MTME are standard and therefore the parts are easily accessible. MTME is keen to know how the customers rate their products and welcome recommendations.