K-Boz acquires first female DJ

the Turntable King, K-Boz signed DJ Lucious Lischen to his music family as the first ever female in his camp.
K-Boz also manages his wife and and winning musician Sally.
Lischen Khachas is no stranger to the deck, she is the DJ that worked on Dixon’s song Digub, one of the biggest house hits last year and is only adding more dime to her resume by being the first female DJ to be signed to a music label.
DJLucious Lischen has been turning the tables for two years now, and  has worked with South African DJ’s such as Zinhle, Ms Cosmo and Groove Candy but gets her inspiration from local DJ’s like K-Boz and DJ Paulo, who have mentored her.
Although she is a house Dj now, K-Boz says he will make more money with her, by incorporating Hip Hop into her field.
“I am all about female empowerment, I have worked with a lot of female artists in Namibia and right now I’m looking at getting a female DJ out there as there is good potential for them to be bigger stars than the male artists. Look at what happened with Sally and Boss Madam when I made her the first female to do aggressive dance and Kwasa, it has taken her places,” K-Boz said.
When he met her four years ago, he did not think that she had it in her to handle the rough crowds. She took to the deck with a lot of passion and was able to prove K-Boz wrong, and then made her mark when she performed at Sally’s CD launch, the rest is history he says.
“I’ve always had a passion for music and being a DJ is just one of the many components of my musical career,I love being on the decks and making people dance and have a good time and make memories. It’s been one of my biggest dreams come true,” she said.
She will release her debut house album in December. They will work with Sammy Lee Jones,Cox, DJ EX and a new Angolan producer that is signed Turntable King Productions.