10 deaths over the weekend

ten people died over the weekend among them an 82-year old woman who was hacked to death by her grandson in Rundu.
Kandjimi Aili from Sikondo Village died instantly on Saturday afternoon after her 29-year old grandson hacked her on the head with an axe before setting the hut she was in on fire.
NamPol say the unnamed grandson had accused her of being a witch.
Katima Mulilo police are investigating the death of a Zambian man whose body was found at Lyondo Stream by a friend on Friday.
The man, identified as Greenwell Kuloyiina Mukowa, did not return home after he went fishing. The police suspect that the man died as a result of a hippo attack.
A body of an elderly man identified as 65-year old Musumo Davis Sikanda from Impalila Island was discovered at Mamboba Stream.
The police believe that the man drowned after the canoe he was travelling in overturned on Friday.
In Katutura and Khomasdal, two bodies – that of a man and a woman - were found this weekend.
Police identified the dead woman as Constance Wicomb whose burnt body was found in the bushes along Visarend Street. But the identity of the dead man whose body was found with a gunshot wound in the chest in Havana yesterday morning is yet not known.
Five more deaths were reported in the northern regions including that of a five-year old boy, Johannes Tangeni Kamule, who died while sleeping in a cuca shop where his mother was selling.
In Ondangwa, a police officer identified as Johannes Nuuyoma (32) died instantly after he fell unconscious while in the bedroom with his girlfriend while Immanuel Nakale committed suicide at Onambabi Village in Oshakati.
He was found hanging with a wire in his sleeping hut. He did not leave a suicide note.
In Onkani Village, Elim Constituency, 29-year old Jose Padjelenga Nangolo was found hanging from a tree in the bushes and an elderly woman identified as Kittie Dames also died at Farm Chamanodom after the room she was sleeping in caught fire. The fire was reportedly caused by a candle.
Two rapes were also reported in Kunene and Omaruru.