Big Brother - The Pornstars

THIS IS BIG BROTHER ALL PORN STARS. Now we know that Bolt and Betty got nasty during the first week of The Chase when a picture of them laying semi naked next to each other went viral.
Pokello has a nasty sex tape that leaked and the Kenyan girl that hates Dillish, is a nudist.
Two of the girls are twerkers and if you don’t know what twerking is, it’s when a man or woman shakes their buttocks like they are trying to anger the Gods.
Last week during the dance-off, Bassey rubbed his junk in Beverly’s face, it was traumatising to see how much his bottom can jiggle.
The other week, they had to hold little hearts between their lips, we think the people that managed the longest won.
Papa Smurf from Angola got to lip tango with Maria, and someone’ was fondling the other during that challenge. There was some embracing and moaning as well – porn stars I tell you.
It’s good to know that Namibia has some decent girls in the house, or are at least smart enough to keep the sex tapes on the down low.
We are counting two women down now, the boring law student that came and fell in love and that Chihuahua from Kenya.
LK4 went to join Denzel on the hall of losers, If you don’t remember Denzel, he is that awkward leprechaun that ran around naked, he thought he would use his tricks to get Dillish interested in him, but she is playing a different game.
With Dillish out of her shell and even plotting things revenge against Fatima  we are closers to the *ushaka shaka*
The one person I would keep in the house if/when our girls leave is Pokello, having a sex tape going viral while you are in the house will be so much better if you win.
Maria Maria Maria! She blended well with the crew even though she is rubbing against the guys that she won’t fall for.
The awkward guys like Sulu for God sake ! The guy works out in bootleg jeans on the treadmill. The way she rejected Angelo was cold though.
In other news it would be much better, if all the couple voluntarily left the house if not, can Melvin whoever he is leave. I really cannot recall what the man looks like that’s how much he has not entertained me. He can be followed by Papa Smurf, Natasha, Sulu, Fatima, and Nando. Although every cute Nando is passive aggressive towards Dillish. The Douchebag!