ÔÇ£I donÔÇÖt own a tvÔÇØ Zolani

What is the name of your current album?
Take me to the Dance.
Why is it different from your other album?
There is a few more electronicky sounds.
How did your fans react to this album?
The reception was good, but there has also been mixed feelings. It’s different from our usual style. A bit too European for some, with less African dance but it’s very africany.
How has it been touring while pregnant?
It’s ok, there just some things I don’t do. Like going to some sound checks. The best thing about being in a band is, the rest of the guys can pick up the slack.
Why did you decide to go with a different style, from your usual?
That’s because, when we came to the end of our 10th year together we said we need something different. So we wrote differently, usually we would write in a group but we wrote individually.
When are you planning on getting married?
We have started negotiations with the family, so hopefully next year.
When do you go on leave?
I will be on leave since the month of July. The baby come the 4th July, so I get a three month leave.
Have you decided on a name?
Not yet, we don’t even know if it’s a he or she. We don’t want to know.
So if you guys were on a boat for weeks without food and had to resort to cannibalism who would you eat?
I am the roundest, so I would recommend the guys to eat me first. That can satisfy them for a bit.
Who is your favourite Generations character?
I don’t watch television, I don’t own a tv.
If I open your fridge what would I find?
Tofu, Vegetables, lamb and cheese.
If you could be in a band with any other person, dead or alive who would that be?
Busi Mhlongo, she is a legend.
What happens when you guy disagree on something?
We keep working it until it’s obvious it’s not working or we go on a majority rule. We do that a lot.
How many times can you work on a song before its perfect?
It can be years. A song can keep coming back.
What makes a great lover?
Time, appreciation and kindness.
What else do you do besides music?
I am a full time musician. This is my 12th year.
When is it ‘ok’ to let a guy go?
I think when it’s quite clear that it not working out especially if he is expressing that he has had enough.
Where would you hide an elephant?
In the middle of the room. You’d be surprised how much you can fool people when something is right in front of them.
Is becoming a mother scary?
I am not scared. I am hopeful and excited. It’s a new adventure. Seeing who they are and how they turn out.
Is the daddy famous?
No way!
What is the last thing you do before bed?
I read. I love to read fiction right now I am reading a book by Joyce Carol Oates, but now I am reading baby books.
From a scale of 1-10 how happy are you?
I’ll take a nine. I don’t want to jinx it by saying 10.
Would you say you are crazy?
Describe the worst date you have ever been on?
Thinking something is a date and at the same time, the guy flirts with another girl in front of you.
Who are the three hottest men in the world?
Denzel Washington
Sean Penn