Woman finds husband with prostitute

an Okahandja woman, Charlene Pieters,  found her husband, Nicky Pieters, about to check in into a Windhoek North guest house.  
This, according to Charlene (34), came after being tipped off by a friend in Windhoek North that her husband has been seeking bedroom entertainment from agents of the world’s oldest profession.  
“My friend told me that she has seen my husband’s car at the guest house on several occasions during  weekends,” said Pieters.
She said she did not confront him at that time last month, but rather chose to study his moves and the result was being caught red handed.
“I told my friend to keep an eye out for me while I watched his every move. Of course I wasn’t able t follow him every weekend, he decided to drive to Windhoek in the evening, but I made sure my friend was always alert,” she said.
It appears as her husband has been using a different sanctuary to devour his quarries from the guest house or has not been engaging in the act altogether in the weeks leading to last week.
Charlene then asked to be called back and after calls made to her cell phone went unanswered for hours, she finally picked up and indicated that she was not willing to give the story any longer.
“It was a mistake I shouldn’t have left my number at their reception in the first place,  I don’t want to talk about it with the media anymore. My husband and I will manage just well on our own and please do me a favor and stop calling me,” said Charlene before hanging up.
When Nicky (40) was quizzed about the story, he confirmed being a found at the guess house, but said his wife found him outside as he was dropping off a friend’s girlfriend.
“It’s nothing, my wife was a bit upset but I explained to her, she understands that I come to drink beer there with my friends. Nothing for you to write about my friend,” said Nicky.