Youth assaulted by a group of police

ayoung man from Windhoek, Actofel Ilovu, said he was falsely accused of assaulting a female officer, then was beaten by about 10 policemen and a woman and then thrown in jail.
Ilovu said it all started after an accident in which the car his brother was driving, hit another car from behind.
“My brother has a problem speaking English so I went with to the police in order to interpret for him. The point of going to the police station was actually to make a formal agreement that that my brother was to fix the car,” he said.
While in discussions at the police station, things quickly turned into a remonstration between him and one of the police officers.
“He asked by  how many meters where the cars separated, when I said five but he refused to believe me. He said I was talking too much and one female police woman took me outside,” said Ilovu.
While outside, the female scratched him by the face with her nails in a sort of a slap and his hat fell off, revealing a very sensitive burnt area on his head he sustained in a fire accident at 11.
“None is supposed to hit me on this part of my head,  I tried to grabbed her to stop her from hitting me on the head. As she tried to move away, her  nose hit against my head and she started to bleed from the nose,” said Ilovu.
The result, Ilovu said, was about 10 police officers punching and kicking him even when he had fallen to the ground.
“They kicked and punched me, when  I fell to the ground they continued to kick me because I apparently hit an officer while in her uniform when I didn’t. They hand-cuffed me and beat me. When I was being led to the cells, police officers took chances to slap me all the way,”
Ilovu said though he begged them to beat him anywhere else except his head, his pleas fell on deaf ears.
“They could see the sensitive area on my head and I screamed and begged them not to hit me there, they just kept on beating me. After they beat me, I tried to ask one of them to be taken to the hospital or be given medication because my head could not stop as it was in pain, they just kicked me in the scrotum,” he said.
Ilovu said he was locked up and charged, he has appeared in court and is currently out on N$2 000 bail.
He has since opened a case against all the police involved in his assault and the police female officer who he said started the beating has been identified as Constable Hilda Sam.
The Station Commander at Windhoek Central Police Station, Chief Inspector James Nandapo confirmed the case against the female police officer, but denied being aware of other officers being involved.
“I’m only aware that he opened a case against one female officer, when we spoke he didn’t mention other officers being part of it,” said the Chief Inspector.