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More on the horizon for The Villager

Mon, 17 June 2013 01:38
by deputy editor

The Villager newspaper celebrated its second year anniversary as a weekly newspaper in style at the weekend.
Today (June 17) marks the 99th copy or edition of the newspaper, just 49 prints more than its sister publication, the Prime Focus magazine, which will have its 50th edition on the streets due this week.
The newspaper has grown steadily in popularity after a sceptic reception in its first year, but with improved content in each edition and the way it dissects and report on issues of national importance and often controversial ones, has made it a leading weekly publication.
The following years are set to become interesting as the newspaper now has found a place in the market and intends to further solidify the Omalaeti Media Group (OMG) brand with accurate, objective on essential subjects that makes a difference in everyday life of Namibians.
With growing competition in the advertising industry from other publications, The Villager has established several long terms relationships with some of its key clients and is also becoming a publication of choice, for especially businesses that want to showcase their products and services, while not losing touch with reading some interesting and catchy stories each week.
The newspaper has a small, but dedicated staff and there is a desire to get the newspaper into a position that will enhance its growth in areas such as providing the relevant content with the ‘whao’ factor, while stabilizing its advertising base.
For its anniverssary this year, The Villager management decided to import several high profile artists to team up with the popular Namibian musicians such as Tate Buti and PDK. The outcome of doing that was not disappointing.
What possibly stood out was the Saturday performance of the musicians that kept the party rolling into the wee hours of the morning.
It was a majestic performance by Zimbabwe’s legendary musician, Oliver Mtukudzi, an extremely rhythmic display by Freshly Ground, while Ringo Madlingosi topped it up with his soulful voice.
It was a night to remember for the sizeable crowd of many invited guests from the corporate sector and they too kept on their toes, listening and dancing to the tunes.
The event was preceded by a staff party at a local hotel to thank them for their dedication to the newspaper and was rounded off at the theatre the following day with much vigour and funfare.
Happy belated birthday to The Villager and lets look forward to a great year ahead until we unleash another unforgettable show next year.