Air Namibia tries to justify high air fares

Air Namibia said the cries over the recent upward adjustment of air fares between Windhoek and the northern town of Ondangwa, is because it operates in a tough industry.
The explanation comes after the Chairperson of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) Northern Branch Tomas Koneka Iindji, directed a letter to the Minister of Works and Transport, Erkki Nghimtina last week, asking the the minister to intervene in the spiralling air fares of Air Namibia.
According to Air Namibia, pricing is a dynamic and strategic function used in any organization to improve competitiveness.
“The complexity of the airline industry is not only from nature of operations but by the type and magnitude of operating costs incurred., says Air Namibia’s Head of Corporate Communications, Paulus Nakawa.
He adds that the Air Namibia regards the Windhoek-Ondangwa route as one of their key routes that has seen a pleasing steady growth on passenger numbers.
“Air Namibia is doing what it can to help reduce overall costs of its customers. On the Ondangwa route, for example, we have two flights per day, meaning that we are able to offer our clients from the Northern town a solution to be in Windhoek the whole day for business or any other reason, and still enable them to return home same day, with no hotel costs having to be incurred. The solution is also available for people from Windhoek wishing to visit the Northern towns, get there early morning and return same day in the evening,” said Nakawa.
He concluded that Air Namibia remains committed to provide safe, effective and efficient services to all to their customers on a business principle that ensures the airline is able to operate on a cost recovery basis.