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Woman seduces boyfriendÔÇÖs son

Mon, 10 June 2013 03:25
by Chris-Paul

an Oshakati man, Simon Nehale, assaulted his 19-year old son, Frans, after the teenager accused his live-in girlfriend of seducing him.
The teenager, who lives with his biological father and his girlfriend, Ndeshi Moses (26) said his father came to his girlfriend’s defence when he accused her of seducing him.
Frans told the police at Oshakati Police Station that he was at home watching TV when his father’s girlfriend put her hand between his legs.
“He said his father was away to Oshikango for two days and they were watching Big Brother. She started to ask him what he knows about girls. The boy said he knows something. She then moved to seat next to the boy and put her hand between his legs,” said a police constable who asked not to be named.
According to the constable, the teenager somehow got away from his father’s girlfriend’s sexual advances and went to his room.
He said when his father returned, the boy told him about it but his father’s reaction was different from what he had hoped for.
“The boy came here to lay a charge of assault against his father on Monday which they later came to withdraw.
“He said his father did not believe his story and started to assault him when his girlfriend told him he had insulted her,” said the cop.
Nehale (53) confirmed attacking his son but claimed it was because of the way the boy had talked to him and his girlfriend.
“He was very disrespectful and that’s not how to talk to elders in my culture. For a young person, one has to watch how you talk to elders even if they are wrong. All I wanted to do was get to the bottom of it and then find a way to solve the problem,” said Nehale.
Probably warned by Nehale not to talk to V-Metro, Ndeshi refused to make a comment or tell her side of the story.